Myrtle & Leafy Spurge

Dalmation Toadflax     Myrtle Spurge
     Euphorbia myrsinites

  • grows 4-6" in height, can spread 18" laterally
  • yellow-green pod type flowers
  • spreads by seed, grows from taproot annually
  • originally sold as an ornamental at stores and nurseries
  • milky sap is toxic WEAR GLOVES, LONG SLEEVES when pulling

Leafy Spurge
Euphorbia esula Leafy Spurge

  • grows up to 4 feet

  • yellow-green pod type flowers

  • bluish leaves

  • all parts of the plant have a milky latex which can be damaging to eyes and skin

  • newly established in the mountains, aggressive eradication taking place in the rest of the state