Dalmation & Yellow Toadflax

Dalmation Toadflax     Dalmation toadflax
     Linaria dalmatica

  • taller than yellow toadflax, growing up to 3 feet
  • flowers are bright yellow with a tinge of orange
  • leaves are broad, waxy and heart-shaped
  • extremely important to manage when infestation is under 10 ft square - larger patches become a major production to eradicate
  • contains poisonous glucoside
  • persistence is the key to managing both toadflaxes
Yellow toadflax
Linaria vulgaris

Yellow Toadflax

  • also known as butter-and-eggs or wild snapdragon
  • grows up to 2 feet tall
  • creamy yellow flowers have an orange throat
  • aggressively invades rangeland
  • displaces desirable plants, changing wildlife patterns
  • contains a glucoside poisonous to livestock
  • extensive root system makes the plant extremely difficult to control