Coalition for the Upper South Platte Weed Reporting Site

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Welcome to the Upper South Platte Noxious Weed site. This is a collection of information on recognizing weeds, reporting weeds, and a database for all concerned to track weed locations. The reporting functions of this site are for citizens and groups in the Upper South Platte.

This site is a co-operative venture of the agencies and organizations listed below.
We have one common goal: To Snuff Out these Invaders!
We need your help and cooperation.
Colorado Law requires landowners to control Noxious weeds on their properties. It's just the right thing to do. Report and help us all work together.

Use the navigation on the left to view a weedlist, or individual weeds of concern. Use the I "I Spy Report" to report sightings. Check out the map with an interactive collection of data on these sightings. We want this site to be useful and informative for everyone, so if you have comments or suggestions send them to: CUSP@uppersouthplatte.org


wanted:noxious weeds!

Noxious weeds cost America BILLIONS of Dollars every year. Estimates are few in Colorado, but loss of harvest, loss of habitat, are in the MILLIONS of Dollars in Colorado.

Orange Hawkweed Leafy Spurge Spotted Knapweed Diffuse Knapweed Dalmation Toadflax Musk Thistle Black Henbane Oxeye Daisy